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Casino Software


There are a few different software companies that have developed most of the casino software in use today.In general, casino owners pay a fee to the software company for the use of the software.The owner then customizes it to their own name and look or can they can have the software provider customize it for them (for a fee of course).The owner then has the option of running the casino on his own server or have it hosted by the provider.The software company provides all the financial transaction support for the casino.


Cryptologic has the software which I like the best.Most of their casinos have a good selection of games and they continue to develop new games all the time.They all have the basic games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Video Poker.When you download one ofthese casinos, you get to pick which games you want with the exception of a couple of core games and you can add others at any time.That way you donít have to waste hard drive space on games you will never play.


Microgamming is another software company that has a lot of casinos.A considerable amount more than the previous.They also have a huge selection of games.My biggest gripe with the latest versions of their software is that you donít have a choice of which games to put on your computer.The software automatically downloads all the games in the background as your playing.I have a DSL connection and I have found the games to run very slow while downloading and have had several problems with my computer completely freezing in the middle of play.The only way to recover is to power cycle the computer.Iíve gotten so frustrated that I just start betting all my money so I donít have to play any more.As a result Iíve quit playing the Microgamming casinos all together.†† If you download a couple of their casinos and let all the games download, youíve wasted half your hard drive space on games you will never play.


Playtech also has quite a few casinos.Iíve never really played on their software much because they didnít seem to have the choices of games I liked so I canít speak too much about them.They do have all of the basic games and have added new ones since I last played.Maybe someday I give them a try again.


There are several others out there which I will not go into.As I update this site you may see comment on other software in the future.



Funding Your Account


Over the years, more and more credit card companies and banks started declining online gaming transactions.Even Paypal put a stop to funding gaming accounts.As a result, there have been several services popping up to get around these limits.I started using Firepay even though they charged a small transaction fee to deposit and a bigger fee to withdraw.They have several methods to deposit money but if you want instant funding, it will cost you more. They eventually raised the rates to the point I was not willing to pay the fees.Thatís when I discovered Neteller.Most casinos have Netellerís Insta Cash option which allow you to deposit money and play immediately.The best part is the casino pays the fee.There are several other services that Iíve checked into but none provide little or no fees so I stick with Neteller.Any of the casino websites will provide you with links to the various funding methods they use.Here are some links if you want to check some of them out.





Withdraw Winnings


There are various method of retrieving your winnings. You can request all or just part of your balance if you want to leave some in to play later.Some casinos charge a fee depending on the method of withdraw.Cryptologic casinos charge $1.00 for most transactions however, there are withdraw methods that will cost you more.Some casinos give you one free withdraw and then charge a fee for anything after the first in any given month.Most have a minimum amount limit.Before you deposit money and start playing, check out the rules!





Every bonus comes with rules and restrictions.Whether it be betting a certain amount before you get the bonus or a betting requirement after you get the bonus.Free money is nice but can also be very frustrating whether or not you know the rules in advance and they are becoming more and more restrictive.A couple of the Cryptologic casinos offer a $100 bonus after you have bet a certain amount.The clock starts ticking at the beginning of the month and expires at the end of the month.If you have not met the betting requirement, you simply do not get the bonus. Omni Casino has a $4000 betting requirement and Sand of the Caribbean is $6000.Starting in September however, they have decided to only count $.50 on the dollar for any video poker bets.This happens to be my favorite game so I was very disappointed when I read the email.Itís rules like these that tend to drive me away from playing that casino in the future.


Another experience I will share to prove my point is the time I accepted free money from a casino.Canít remember the name but will post as soon as I remember.I received and email offering $10 free.I knew that the rules required me to deposit $20 before I start playing otherwise I would be limited to cashing out $200.I went into the banking and tried to deposit the required amount but it kept telling me the transaction was declined.I logged on to my bank account to make sure there was money in the account and sure enough there was plenty.After a few more tries, I just said ďScrew it. I never win on free money anywayĒ.I started betting and before I knew it, I had my balance up to over $10,000.I kept playing and making high roller bets because I knew I hadnít met the requirements to cash out the money.After about a month, they wiped out my balance and sent me a check for $200.To this day I have never played that casino again.