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I recently bought a 2003 Chevy Tahoe and was looking on the internet for information on adding an MP3 player to my factory Bose stereo when I ran across pages where people had put computer in to fulfill their need and more.After searching the net for as much information as I could find , I decided that this would be an exiting project to tackle and just maybeÖ I would be able to complete this one in a timely manner unlike the other 10 major projects I have going on around my house.


This sight will follow my project from beginning to end and hopefully give some insight to those just starting out.I will try to post a lot of pictures as I go to make it easier for the visually minded people like myself .Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.Use the ďContact MeĒ link to the left to send an e-mail.


Below is a list of hardware that Iíve decided on so far.Since I havenít purchased any of it yet, some pieces may change.I will update the list as I buy.

††††††††††† VIA M10000 Motherboard(built in video, sound, lan & video out)

††††††††††† 256mb RAM

††††††††††† 60gb Maxtor HardDrive

††††††††††† DVD/CD ROM Drive (Slim one from a laptop)

††††††††††† M1-ATX DC-DC power supply


††††††††††† Lilliput 7Ē Touchscreen Monitor


††††††††††† Auxiliary input interface (to run sound through the factory radio)


††††††††††† OBD-II interface


††††††††††† GPS Locator



This will allow me to put as much music that I could ever want and still have a little room left over.For movies I can just pop them in the DVD as opposed to storing any on the HD.Be aware, watching a movie while driving is both dumb and illegal in most communities.The GPS I might not install right away.Iíve always thought it would be nice to have but not a necessity.I will definitely put a USB wireless internet adapter in so that I can transfer the music.This will make it much easier than having to transfer onto a thumb drive from my home computer and then transfer again to the carputer.I am seriously considering adding a wireless internet service.Here in Denver, we have Ricochet.I have checked their coverage map and there arenít too many place in the city thatI wouldnít have coverage.I donít know how many times Iíve been driving around and needed a phone number or to look up an address and havenít been able to get a hold of anyone at a computer to look it up for me.The OBD-II interface will give me access to the vehicle diagnostic information.Hopefully I will never have to use it.It will also let me display a digital dash on the touchscreen.





Scoped out the Tahoe to try and find a suitable place for the PC.Iím planning on building the case myself out of aluminum and plexi.After taking apart most of the center console, I discovered there is no room for the computer.†† In the rear there is a small storage compartment that just might work however, Iím not sure I want to put it that far back.


I want to keep the wire runs as short as possible.Another possibility is under the back seats.If I can keep the case really short (2Ē to 3Ē), it should fit nicely without getting crushed when I have to fold the seats down.Will have to get the parts and build the case before I can determine the final placement.


I decided to build the OBD-II interface has the schematics for the three main protocols.Their designs use the ELM Electronics chip which I ordered last week.They also have quite a few links to more information.

Finished building the OBD-II interface.Will have to wait until tomorrow to test since I didnít finish until 10:00pm.



Tested out the new interface and it works perfectly.Used hyperterm to monitor messages and I was able to figure out how to lock and unlock the doors on my Tahoe.I ran the Scantool software and it started popping up all kind of information.


Spent hours looking on the net for information on the GM data bus.Thereís a lot of trouble codes listed out there but not much in the way of sending commands which is really what Iím looking for.One of the things I would like to do is add memory seating.When I start the car the display shows driver 1 so Iím hoping that it will be possible.



Ordered the VIA M10000 motherboard and the M1-ATX power supply from LogicSupply.They had pretty good prices and since I want it for the weekend, Iím having it shipped 2-day air.They had the latest cutoff time at 4:00pm to get out the same day.



I went out and bought wireless usb adapter from MicroCenter today.Once I get everything all hooked up I will be able to transfer files easier.


The motherboard and power supply showed up.Iím going to design the case for it tonight and maybe install the OS onto the hard drive.